How To Save On Travel Insurance

According to statistics released last year from travel insurers, almost two in five British travellers gets sick for two or more days while on holiday. ‘Delhi belly’ is the most common complaint – surprise surprise! So health cover is another must. If you’re holidaying within the European Union then you’re in luck as you could save a bundle on health cover. Within the EU you’ll need a European Health Insurance card (EHIC), which entitles you to free medical country in any EU country – so you see, there are some upsides to this European Union after all!

The added cost of flying you home for treatment is an extra consideration to take if you’re holidaying in a country with a poor healthcare system, or indeed anywhere outwith the European Union. Repatriation/evacuation insurance will most definitely cost you extra, but it sure beats being stranded in a foreign hospital, mounting up extortionate medical bills, or worse, receiving incorrect or unsafe treatment.

Your own needs may vary from this guide, but as a general rule, these are the levels of cover as recommended by most travel insurance and financial advice companies. We’ve tried to address why you may need to vary these cover amounts.

Healthcare expenses - £2 million. You’ll find some insurers offering jaw-dropping amounts of cover – upwards of £20 million in some cases. But in reality this is just unnecessary, and £2 million is the accepted standard top. Obviously, this figure can be cut considerably for travellers within the EU, as long as you make sure and obtain an EHIC.

Cancellation - £3000. £3000 is an average gu-estimate really. The level of cover you opt for will obviously depend on the original cost of your holiday. If your holiday was particularly cheap, you might be better off not paying for cancellation insurance, as the amount of compensation you would receive, taking into account the standard £50 excess payment, may only be minimal.

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