Definition of health of Point of Service (POS) insurance

A POS plan or point of service is something like an HMO and PPO combined type health plan. You have more flexibility than a regular HMO, but they pay a deductible and lower rate than a PPO. It is perfect for those people who need more flexibility but want to pay less. You will be asked to select a general provider that is out of the list of acceptable medical. This will be your primary care physician and he or she will be that manage what attention it receives. Will he or she direct you to specialist and hospitals if necessary that they also participate in the plan. Usually there are many suppliers of each specialization to choose and which normally covers a wide geographical area. With this type of policy, you won't have a large deductible if any and they still have a minimum copayment visits and prescriptions. This is of course, if we stick to the list of preferred suppliers. You may also want to be sure of which medications are covered under this plan and if you have to pay more for the more recent not generics. Some doctors do not think about what kind of insurance you have to write a prescription and need reminding him or her if you can only buy generic to cover.

You will also have an option to see providers outside the network when you need a specialist and they are not on the list. Most POS plans require that you get a physician referral before seeing another doctor or specialist. Once refers to a specialist within the network, you must be willing to pay more. If you do so, you will be billed directly and must submit the claim to his car insurance company. Your insurance company will pay your rate flat for everything that you have done and you will be responsible for the rest. It may also be responsible at the time of the service to pay the whole amount and wait to be reimbursed to your car from your insurance. If you decide to see a specialist in their own, the cost will be higher and about 50% if you made no reference. You will be asked to pay a higher amount if you go outside the network. So in essence, you have the right to see who choose, but at his own expense. The POS plan will only pay your rate flat for specific medical issues and not above it, unless that is an emergency situation. Many people like the idea of having more say in their health care options, while others worry more for saving money and not care that are to be used. What you choose will depend on what want personally and what is most important.

The emphasis of this plan is the prevention of disease or illness to reduce the cost to the individual and the insurer. Most PPO and HMO plans has the same basic importance. It is recommended to take an active role in their health and do what it takes to not stay patient and disease free as long as possible. The idea is to see the doctor less what both you as your carrier together spend less money. The idea with this plan is that if you have to put more money in your health think twice on whether or not really need to go. If you want to waist the money from insurance companies have to waist too to do so. Medical insurance companies are in the business to make money, wish to maintain healthy so they can pick up his cousin and don't have to pay for the health care provider. Therefore, for those people that don't want to pay as high as a monthly premium tend to opt for this type of health insurance plan. This will ensure a low rate with having to worry about huge deductible or copayment if used more as an HMO. So, if you think this sound like something you are interested in, please contact several companies and get some political to look at. Be sure to check what is covered, as well as the price. Do a little research in the various policies of insurance are available. You need to choose will depend on your priorities.


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