Lower Your Health Insurance Premium

Good health insurance coverage is a must. The global meltdown has left a lot of people not able to pay their insurance premiums. So do not make the same mistake your elders did and do some smart insurance shopping.

The best way to get a good insurance deal is to get help from a reputable insurance agent. Now, you will ask, how am I supposed to know a reputable one from another? Ask around. Your relatives, friends and colleagues should be able to help. They would have taken policies and know an agent or two.

An expert insurance agent will able to advise you according to your needs. He/she will not try to stuff a policy down your throat. He will explain the ins and outs of the different policies and help you choose one that suits your present and future financial situations. He can also help you get a decreased premium for your policy depending on your present health conditions. Check on different policies from various insurance companies before you decide.

One good and safe way to set up a good financial base for your future health considerations is to invest in a Health Savings Account (HSA). These accounts have tax advantages and no Federal tax has to be paid at the time of deposit. Withdrawals for medical related expenses are not also subject to any Federal tax regulations. When taken in conjunction with the High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) these health plans are less costly.

If you are already insured for health care but can not afford to meet the monthly insurance premiums, you can think of increasing the deductibles and save on premium payments. If you are healthy, it can save you a couple of hundred dollars every year.

Another way to lower health insurance costs is to go in for specialized plans. Most of these plans cover only hospitalization charges and surgical expenses on a day-to-day coverage. Combined with accident coverage it is more beneficial as it will help meet expenses in a medical emergency due to an accident.

Taking out other special insurance plans like those for a specific illness like heart disease, cancer or other major medical problems is another solution. These policies will carry far less premiums that comprehensive policies.

Be honest in your answers to the questionnaire furnished by the insurance company. Hiding facts might cause complications if they surface at a later date, especially during an emergency, as your policy might be legally void, even if you are up to date in your premium payments. Furnish details of any previous illness you may have had.

The best insurance for a healthy life in your old age would be to exercise regularly, diet smartly, stay away from junk food and keep yourself fit. This will save medical costs. It will also lower your risk of getting a major illness in the future and you will have the necessary funds of good health care also.

By : Oliver_S._Daniel
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So many good points to lower the health insurance premium. Giving correct amount of information really helps a lot in getting a affordable and good plan but also comparing quotes of several providers lead to a chance that one can get a cheaper offer too.

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