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The car insurance industry has really competitive in recent years, so the prices really have not changed much. There are now more than 100 car insurers to choose from, so there are some very good deals out there for those who are willing to shop around. 23% of motorists still choose to ensure with the same company the previous year, but certainly could save money if withdrawing from some other companies.

Motorists could be forgiven for not other appointments, which used to be a very laborious exercise that involve long waits while getting routed through the call center and boring repetition of facts advisers of sales. Now, thanks to the internet, is everything much simpler. Car insurance companies also offer additional discounts to people who buy online.

However, it is necessary to consider the quality of the policy, not only the price: • Verify that your low price is not due to an excess of extremely high.

• Verification that get a car courtesy if your car needs to make repairs.

• Check that the legal coverage is included, if you want to and replacement of automatic windshield.

• Find out if there is a crash in an emergency help line.

It is a good idea of ring directly with the insurer to speak through the policy in detail before registering online.

Saving advice: recommended!

You can get an appointment with over 40 car insurance if you enter your details on the website of a good rider car insurance. You only need to give their data once. Call the insurance company with the appointment to check exactly what is and is not covered.

If you have a garage, it will save to keep his car there overnight. You can also make savings if you can maintain your vehicle in a path. This is because there are more possibilities for your car are divided into or vandalized if it stays on the road.

Give a picture accurately how many miles do each year to your insurance company, you will save if you travel less.

Some occupations, such as an owner, the journalist or the football (if only) attract higher premiums. You can save money if you work in finance or public administration.

They marry! Under 30 years old men pay more if they are not married, it is only the excuse that your girlfriend is looking for!

Under 25 pay more, but you can get materials lower if you can put a driver during the 25 years of age with a good record of driving its policy as a driver name. That person must be under 60 although, as increased premiums back to that age.

Agree more excess (the average cost is £ 100) will help to reduce your premiums.

If your car is not of high value, could obtain third party coverage and make a safe savings compared to complete.

Sure pay as you go is a new option for 18-21 year olds. It is a recent development submitted by the Trade Union of Norwich, in which you pay a unit cost per mile. The cost per mile is more between 11 pm and 6 am. You pay an initial fee of £ 199 for a Global Positioning System its sidecar, and then transmitted details of their direct mileage to Norwich Union. They send you a monthly invoice and pay for the miles you've done!

Lessons pass Plus to improve their driving skills could around save a third on premiums. They cost £ 15-£ 30 an hour and cover of driving at night, in time occupied punta jams and quick motorway driving. You can find more information at You can also improve your driving skills and make safe savings with the Institute of advanced motorists (

Discover the Group of insurance of a car before you buy. There are twenty groups of insurance: the slower and less desirable the car (to criminals) then the lower rating. It could make considerable savings by choosing a car in a lower insurance group.

If you want a utility car or high performance you can expect to pay much more for your insurance. They are much more likely to be stolen or involved in an accident. The sensible choice might be a little boring, but will be much cheaper.

See its speed. Most insurance companies will allow you to leave with a single fixed penalty fine but if repeating the offence then the premiums will be rocket.

Failing to protect your discount of claims as soon as possible (normally after four years). It costs a little more, but it's well worth.

In his car satellite navigation will reduce premiums. Insurers have found that people concentrate more on his leadership and less on trying to find their way, which means less chance of having an accident.

It is a good idea to have an engine immobilizer and alarm equipped not only because it could help keep the suspension of his car, also will make a saving of 5-8%.

If there are two or more vehicles at home, get them in the same policy to get a good discount.


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