Purchase of car insurance and how to save money on Gas

Copyright 2006 Barry Brenner with the price of gas at one all time high and no relief in site, consumers are looking for more ways to save money on gas. Consider saving money on your car insurance to compensate for the high cost of gas.

Today, millions of car insurance consumers are buying their insurance of car by telephone and Internet. Insurance companies are spending more money than ever on advertising. Rate quotes and policies are available through a multitude of websites, direct insurers to web sites that offer multiple citations from a single application.

This increasing demand for quotes of insurance rate car via telephone and Internet, costs and coverage decisions are made faster than ever. Is car insurance consumer means getting the right policy at the best possible price? Can consumers reduce your transport costs by saving money on your car insurance?

Many car insurance consumers are not aware of the many discounts available on car insurance policies today. Check the following list of some of these discounts and see if any of them apply to you.

A multi-car discount lower the premium in each vehicle in the same policy. Some companies will sell you an independent policy for each vehicle and still give the multi-car discount. Keep in mind there may be overload or additional cost for each policy, taking all their vehicles in the same policy could save money.

Most insurance companies will give you full-time secondary or university students with a 3.0 or higher average discount. This discount can be as high as 15 percent in the main vehicle that drives students. If the premium for the student driver is one to two thousand dollars a year, a good student discount could be a saving of one three hundred fifty to hundred dollars a year. Multiply the number of years in the school, and they joined in a tremendous savings.

Some insurance companies will give you an occupational discount depending on their training and the job title. Teachers, doctors, scientists, engineers, professionals of computer science and other jobs requiring a university degree, license or certification.

Anti-theft discount may decrease the (theft & vandalism) integral part of the policy premium. This is generally considered that a system of Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) based where your car can be located by a satellite If stolen it.

Some companies offer a 2% to 15% discount to active and retired military members.

Department of Motor vehicles certified mature driving courses are available for elderly and can reduce his cousin as much as ten percent.

And of course, maintain a good driving history will allow your insurance company to offer you a good driver discount and reduce fares.

Who is happy with the price of gas today? Consumer Ombudsman studies show that the primary reason people are paying premium-wise auto insurance is that they do not have the time and effort to shop around and compare prices. A policy cost savings can add up to hundreds of dollars a year, if you know what to look for and ask. And the purchase of car insurance has never been easier.


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